Axo Light Vol. III North America News 2016-2

The NEWS 2016-2 catalog contains the newest products for Axo Light. This includes new product line extensions of Melting Pot and Fairy, and new Lightecture LED products like U-Light, Bell, Skirt, Shatter, and more.

Axo Light Vol. III North America News 2016-1

The News 2016-1 catalog introduces the newest products of 2016: Mountain View, Aibu, Necky, and Fedora chrome.

Axo Light Vol. III North America

This latest catalog combines two product lines into one volume: Axo Light and Mind LED. Products can now be viewed based on application type as well. Discover the newest products being offered to the North American market. Look for the seven new collections in the Axo Light Line: Alrisha by Brian Rasmussen, Fairy by Manuel Vivian, Fedora by Dima Loginoff, Hoops by Giovanni Barbato, Leija by Cambi-Scatena-Turini, Melting Pot by Sandro Santantonio, and Spiry by Giovanni Barbato.

Lightecture Vol. III North America

The latest products for Axo Light’s Lightecture Line are now available in North America! View the catalog and discover six new collections: Shatter by S. & R. Cornelissen, Framework by Manuel Vivian, Euler by Cambi-Scatena-Turini, Layers and Plumage by Vanessa Vivian, and Anadem by Mens Studio. All products are certified for use in North American market.

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For projects in USA and Canada you should use our North America catalog. These products comply with the necessary UL and cUL product safety certification requirements.

Otherwise please use our European catalog where products comply with CE standards certification requirements.
Some of these CE worldwide products are not currently available in North America.

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