"Bespoke Design" does not only stand for customised products, but also for a working method applied to each business function. It results in a new catalogue: a simple and functional work tool designed to meet the needs of designers and specifiers. It results in the adjustment of products so that they comply with the latest technological standards, LED lighting sources. It results in a more intuitive website that, by using evocative images, shows the aesthetic and functional value of lighting designed by Axolight, along with some of the most innovative designers on the international scene: Karim Rashid, Dima Loginoff, Rainer Mutsch, Timo Ripatti, Ryosuke Fukusada and many others. This inclination to making items to measure can be seen in all of Axolight’s projects, which are studied in detail with its customers and, in some cases, achieving custom-made products. Customers will be fully satisfied by the wide range of solutions offered by Axolight: suspension lamps, wall, ceiling, table, floor, recessed and large scale.

Our suspension lamps have been designed to be the centrepiece of each room, whether it needs to be lit with a gentle suffused light or whether it demands a more spectacular effect.

Some rooms require a more graphic style of design, perhaps less dramatic but still with a strong impact. For such rooms, Axolight has developed wall and ceiling lamps, as well as solutions suitable for both functions made of glass, fabric, silk and aluminium with the most glamorous finishes.

A small size does not mean that the design will be less original. When light is designed for reading purposes, that is when our table lamps come into play.

To add a touch of style to your home or office with a floor lamp, no detail can be left to chance. The frame and lampshade are available in different versions and finishes. The light beam adapts to several types of applications.

When we speak of recessed luminaires, we do not only refer to dull white spotlights. A simple look at our recessed lamps is all you need to realise how design can actually penetrate walls and even merge with them, offering totally unexpected results.

We often tend to “think big”, for example when, together with our customers, we try to find the most spectacular lighting for contract spaces. To continue to meet the various needs of our customers in a bespoke way, the new catalogue and website now include a section dedicated to Large Scale products, ranging from Axolight’s best-sellers, characterised by a bold and colourful look, to collections inspired by industrial design, which have already received many design awards and conquered the hearts of designers.